Photograph of Einsatgruppen killer

After the war our survivor Siggy Boraks married and lived for several years in Frankfurt, Germany. He befriended a young German named Kurt who gave Siggy a photograph of himself as a sign of friendship. But when Kurt learned that Siggy was Jewish, and Siggy learned that Kurt (a church going man) had been a member of the Einsatgruppen, the mobile killing squads that shot Jews in “the east,” the friendship ended. Kurt wanted Siggy to return the photograph but he refused. According to what is scribbled on the back of the photograph, it was taken at Charkov (Russia) in 1943. This city was retaken by SS and Wehrmacht troops in February 1943. Kurt wears a Wehrmacht uniform. His coat has a fur lining around the neck. In December 1941, after the Germans failed to take Moscow and winter caught them unprepared, Goebbels called for German citizens to donate their fur clothing to the Wehrmacht for the benefit of its freezing soldiers. This indicated to the German public how desperate the situation was in Russia, and how unprepared the army was for a long war.