Lila's Dilemma

Our survivor Lila Millen “passed” as a Catholic child in Nazi-occupied Warsaw during the last year and a half of the war. Only afterwards did she learn from her father that she was Jewish.

Lila Millen: You're Jewish, Not Catholic

The Skorecki family arrived in New Orleans a few days before Thanksgiving in November 1949. A reporter and photographer from the New Orleans Item came by to interview the newcomers.

The photographer asked Lila to pose and she instinctively knelt beside her bed as if she was praying. This is what she had done when “passing” as a Catholic child.

New Orleans Item
, November 24, 1949 - Every Day is Good In America, p. 1 (photograph)

In her documentary Lila explains her reaction on that memorable day.

Lila Millen: First Thanksgiving