State Department Confirms the Holocaust

November 15, 1942 - Lila Millen turns five years old while hiding with her sister Anne Levy in the Warsaw ghetto.

click Lila Millen: Hiding in Factory

November 24, 1943 – Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles hands over documents to Rabbi Stephen Wise that “confirm and justify your deepest fears.”

United Nations War Crimes Declaration

December 17, 1942 - The United Nations announces a War Crimes Declaration that focuses on the Jewish catastrophe in Europe and promises retribution against the Nazi murderers.


January 8-9, 1943 - Jews in the Lubaczow ghetto are deported to a death camp.

Eva Galler: Jumping from Death Train

Eva Galler: Christian Help

January 1943 - With their parents the sisters Anne Levy and Lila Millen are smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto and given shelter by a Polish family.

Anne Levy: Christian Help

March 1943 - Siggy Boraks is transported from the Czestochowa ghetto to Blizyn labor camp.

Siggy Boraks: Prisoner Escapes from Blizyn