Liberation of Belgium

September 4, 1944 - The Western Allies liberate Brussels. Jeannine Burk, in hiding for over two years, is eleven days shy of her fifth birthday.

Jeannine Burk: Reunion with Mother and Sister

November 1944 – Siggy Boraks is sent from Auschwitz-Birkenau to Kaufering concentration camp in southern Germany.

Siggy Boraks: Death Commando at Kaufering


January 18, 1945 - Warsaw is liberated by the Red Army. Anne Levy and her sister Lila Millen have survived four years in the Polish capital.

Anne Levy: Return to Lodz

The Fall of Budapest

January-February 1945 – Isaac Niederman survives the last months of the war in one of Wallenberg’s “safe houses” in Budapest while Hungarian Nazis (Arrow Cross) roam the city slaughtering Jews.

Isaac Niederman: Last Months in Budapest and Liberation by Russians