Blitzkrieg in Poland

September 1, 1939 - Hitler, having signed a non-aggression pact with Stalin, attacks and overwhelms Poland; on September 17th, Stalin invades and occupies the eastern half of the country.

Felicia Fuksman: September 1, 1939, and War Against the Jews

Siggy Boraks: We Never Believed in Our Dreams

Shep Zitler: Surrounded by the Germans

September 15, 1939 - Jeannine Burk is born in Brussels, Belgium.

September 21, 1939 - Heydrich issues memorandum detailing plans for “the final solution.”

September 27, 1939 - Poland surrenders to Germany and is removed from map of Europe.

Shep Zitler: Germans Couldn’t Tell I’m Jewish

November 16, 1939 - The Nazis torch the synagogues in Lodz, Poland.

Anne Levy: Burning of Synagogue

Felicia Fuksman: Dehumanization of Jews

Autumn of 1939 - The Jews of Lodz are ordered to wear the Star of David patch.

Anne Levy: Star of David

Siggy Boraks: Expelled from Family Apartment

Martin Wasserman: Grabbed off Street


February 1940 – The Jews of Lodz are ordered to the ghetto.

Anne Levy: Expelled from Family Apartment

Felicia Fuksman: Lodz Ghetto

Felicia Fuksman: a Friend Named Bronia